Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tanning, Taxes & Tests Ohh My!

So I went tanning today for the first time. It was a lil weird haha. I cant tell a difference yet though lol. Im going back tomorrow so we'll see... At least I didnt get burnt right?

I finally got my taxes sent today. It was kinda stressful gettin them done. I had mailed them to my step-mom cause she was going to do them. She got them done like 3 weeks ago she just had a lil bit to finish on them. She put them in the trunk of her car along with hers. Well some person hit her car one day and jammed the trunk! just my luck! So needless to say they had deal with insurance companies and what not. She finally got them out yesterday! Then we had to figure out a way for me to get them so I can sign and what not. Lucky we got that all figured out. I am sooo happy to have the done now!

I also took my reading test at school today and I got an 81! Which means I dont have to take any reading classes. So now the only class that I do have to take is a math class, which I knew I would have to take because I pretty much suck at math! The rest of my classes are going to be for the program that I am in.

I am really excited about starting school again, and meeting new people. Pretty much anyone I know is from work. And most of those people are older then me and what not. So it will be nice to meet people my age.

Im going to New Mexico in July for my step-brothers wedding. I am really excited about that. I miss my other family lol. And I get to be in the Wedding! Its been so long since I have actually been in a wedding!

Well thats all for now =)

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