Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tire, Glasses and More Oh My!

So today I did not have to be at work till later in the evening, so I decided that I would run some errands.

First on the list go to Wal*Mart (I practically live there haha) I needed to get a gift card so I can get 3 cents off for gas lol, then I had to get some decorations for the youth dance this weekend. Of course I had to go see my "friend" hehe, we talked for a while.

Then I went by this tire to see how much a tire was going to cost me. I few weeks, well more than a few weeks ago I got a flat tire, so i've been on my spare for some time now. They quoted me about $75. I told them I had to run a few more errands and that i would possibly be back. Well the guy asked what was wrong with my other tire and I told them that something had happened to the side of it and that they people at Goodyear told me it wasnt repairable. He asked if he could take a look at it and I said sure. I left the tire with him and ran the other errands that I needed to run. I came back and he FIXED IT! I was sooo surprised and happy! And it only cost me $20. Stupid Goodyear tired to rip me off!

Now, about my glasses. I had lost them like a week ago. I could not find them anywhere. I was freaking out. Today when I got of work my sister asked if I could get some stuff for her and of course I said yes. I was driving home and she called me and asked me if my glasses were brown and I said yes. Then she said that the neighbor brought some over and asked if they belonged to my nieces and my sister said no, and just as she was gonna leave my sister remembered that I had asked her if she had seen my glasses. So she kept them, When I got home to look at them they were MINE! lol i was sooooe excited. It is soo hard for me to drive at night without them. I got lucky too.

Anyways today was a great day! I am sooo excited for Friday cause both the boy and I are off and we get to hangout yay!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Facts about Me!

1. My Favortie show is Grey's Anatomy
2. My nieces are my world
3. I am really really shy at first
4. I like watchin scary movies
5. I really like football
6. Im half persian
7. I love takin road trips
8. I want to go to Ireland,Greece, and Italy
9. Winter is my favortie season
10.4th of July is my favortie holiday
11.I am really good at air hockey
12.I really love U.S History
13.I have moved like 20 times and I am only 22
14. I am easily amused
15. I love sushi
16. I love anything Red White & Blue
17. I love singin a long with whatever song haha
18. According to my friend Brandon I'm amazing haha
19. I love New York!
20. I never thought that I would like Oregon let alone love it, but I do and miss it like crazy!
21. I will never drink the water in Mexico, its dirty
22. My biggest pet peeve is people who wear socks with sandals, It bothers me so much that I can not look at a person who is wearing them
23. I really love all types of music and movies
24. I love to bake!!!
25. I wish I was more creative!